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Chair of Monitoring and Spatial Management


dr hab. Stanisław Koziarski, prof. UO – Head of the Chair


dr hab. Krystyna Borecka, prof. UO

mgr Agnieszka Brożonowicz – technical staff


dr hab. Izabela Czerniawska – Kusza, prof. UO

dr Elżbieta Gołąbek

dr Jarosław Sławiński


dr Krzysztof Badora

dr Maciej Wyszyński

dr Radosław Wróbel

Realized subjects:

Compulsory subjects:

  1. Water ecology (in the Environmental Protection course of study)

  2. Geomorfology (in the Environmental Protection)

  3. Monitoring and bioindication (in the Environmental Protection)

  4. The evaluation of the impact on the environment (in the Environmental Protection)

  5. Spatial management (in the Environmental Protection)

  6. Civilization threats (in the Environmental Protection)

Optional subjects:

  1. Water biocenoses (in Biology) 

  2. Geodesy and photogrammetry (in the Environmental Engineering)

  3. Geographic basics of environmental protection (in the Environmental Protection)

  4. Biological monitoring (in Biology)

  5. Landscape protection (in the Environmental Protection)

  6. Teledetection and GIS (in the Environmental Protection)

  7. Chosen issues of Dendrology (in the Environmental Protection and Biology)

  8. Monographic lecture

Research area

Anthropogenic transformation of natural and cultural landscapes in terms of their protection:
  • Local and regional systems of protection of the landscape diversity,
  • Geodiversity protection in different spatial scales,
  • Anthropogenic transformations of city landscapes and non-urbanized landscapes in the historic period,
  • Natural-landscape valorisation of the areas of communes and regions for multifunctional development needs,
  • Spatial planning in local and regional scale,
  • Typology and physico-geographical regionalization and its applications in the protection of natural environment,
  • Spatial aspects of the impact of investments on the environment.

Transformations of communication systems and technical infrastructure and their impact on the state of the natural environment:

  • dynamics and directions of the development of motorways and rail networks across the country, Europe and world,
  • rail setback in Poland and environmental results of this process,
  • spatial conflicts at the interface between transport systems and the natural environment,
  • valorisation, methods of solving.

Applications of the remote sensing and GIS in environmental protection and spatial management.

Effect of abiotic and biotic factors on health status of trees, methodology of the assessment of health status, the dynamics of changes in health status and evaluation of the age of the oldest dendroflora representatives.

Studies of water ecosystems:
  • the structure and functioning of benthic macroinvertebrates in various types of waters,
  • the assessment of running water quality based on the zoobenthos analysis,
  • the toxicity of bottom sediments.


Lab is equipped with eight computer terminals equipped with specialized GIS software and geodesy software: MapViewer, MapInfo, Geo-C, Corel Draw package among others. In the laboratory are conducted classes in the following subjects: Computer Science Laboratory II, GIS, Geodesy and photogrammetry, Land use. In addition, lab is equipped with specialized measuring equipment and geodetic GPS receivers.

Department of Land Protection
Oleska 22, 45-052 Opole, Poland
tel. 077 401 60 20, fax. 077 401 60 30
e-mail: kopz@uni.opole.pl