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Chair of Waste and Sewage Management


prof. Czesława Rosik-Dulewska Ph.Ds.Eng. – Head of the Chair

 dr hab. inż. Joanna Kyzioł-Komosińska prof. UO

 Tomasz Ciesielczuk Ph.D. Eng.

 dr Mariusz Głowacki

 dr Beata Gołuchowska

 dr Urszula Karwaczyńska

Laboratory of Spectrometry

mgr Katarzyna Kochanowska

Educational profile:

  • Waste management;

  • Water supply and sewage disposal;

  • Hydrology;

  • Meteorology and climatology,

  • Water protection,

  • Mineral waste materials,

  • Organic waste materials.

Scientific profile:

  • research into chemical properties of industrial waste to choose the method of disposal and identify the opportunities and direction of their utilization in industrial technologies as substitutes for natural resources;

  • research into physical and chemical properties of industrial waste in terms of their capacity for deposition and management in underground mine workings;

  • chemical and biological investigations of sewage sludge from municipal and industrial sewage treatment plants in order to determine the possibilities of their economic use;

  • chemical and biological studies of municipal waste and composts produced from them (for example by DANO biotechnology) in order to determine the suitability of municipal waste for composting and compost obtained from them for natural usage;

  • determination of the impact of municipal and industrial landfills on the dynamics of physico-chemical and biological changes in selected elements of the natural environment;

  • agricultural use of sewage;

  • new sewage treatment systems in rural areas;

  • analysis of anthropogenic impacts on surface water and groundwater;

  • research into various forms of nitrogen and phosphorus in water and wastewater;

  • studies on the impact of organic fertilizers agricultural usage on hydrosphere;

  • investigations into the impact of large and individual rural farms on the hydrosphere;

  • optimization of polluted water treatment processes.

Department of Land Protection
Oleska 22, 45-052 Opole, Poland
tel. 077 401 60 20, fax. 077 401 60 30
e-mail: kopz@uni.opole.pl